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Phim Jaguarland Vietsub

Thể loại:
Trạng thái:Full
Số tập:1
Thời lượng:50 Phút
Chất lượng:HD
Âm thanh:Vietsub
Quốc gia:

In the Pantanal wetland, jaguars grow larger and in greater number than anywhere in the world, and when the dry season comes and animals crowd closer to the Cuiaba River, this stealthy hunter goes on the attack. Witness life in Jaguarland, where a king must be ready to fight to keep his crown, two young brothers hone their skills, and a young female plays cat and mouse with wily rodents. Then see how local ranchers have learned to coexist with jaguars, which once threatened their livelihoods, by establishing ecotourism as a new revenue stream.